All individuals applying for 2019-2020 lottery deer hunts may do so between July 1st and September 6th.  If you are applying as a group, please carefully follow directions below! 



Application Period & Hunt Dates 

The application period for quota deer hunts will open on Monday, July 1st and will remain open through Friday, September 6th.  The drawing will take place the week of September 16th.  You MUST use this iSportsman site to apply.  Paper applications will no longer be accepted. 

The 2019 Lottery Modern Firearm Deer Hunts will be held on November 29-30 and December 14-15.  Just like in past years, you may only apply for one of these hunts.  Duplicate applications will be disqualified.



There is no fee to apply.  If you are drawn, you must then purchase a $20.00 Annual Public Use Permit (if you have not done so already).  There is no additional lottery hunt permit fee. 


Group Applications

Applying as a group is a little different with this new system.  All group members must have an individual account as detailed below.  When the first group member applies, they will need to select "Create a group entry" on the first dropdown menu ("How are you entering?)".  With that selected, they will be provided with a group number to go along with their application.  THE GROUP LEADER MUST PROVIDE THIS NUMBER TO ALL OTHER MEMBERS OF HIS/HER GROUP.  When other group members apply, they will  select "Join an existing group entry" at the first dropdown menu. Groups allow upto 5 people per group.

If you are a new user, please create your account using the New User tab above. We realize that having to create an account is an additional step for our users, but these accounts will enable you to track your application status, permits, and purchasing without having to use complicated confirmation numbers and will simplify your life in the long run!